About Us - We build solutions ❤️

At Mountain Creative, we believe in the power of creativity. When combined with intelligence and design, it generates simple, elegant, and beautiful solutions that positively impact our clients.

We are Mountain Creative, a name that embodies our approach. Mountains symbolize the unwavering focus, humility, and broad perspective we bring to every project. We face challenges head-on, like a climber ascending a peak, with our sights set on the best possible outcome. But we're also deeply creative. It's the foundation of our vision and who we are. This translates to rapid adaptation, resourcefulness, and a thrill in what clever solutions can accomplish.

Join us on this journey as we continue to push boundaries, challenge the status quo, and build a future where technology and human values coalesce to create lasting success.

People First: Our Success Formula - We Think Together. We Win Together.

The A-Team: 5 FullStack Developers, 1 Big Goal

  • We build solutions:. We immerse ourselves in our clients problems to emerge with solutions that reflect pride and craftsmanship.
  • Continuous Innovation and Learning:. We engage in neverending learning and encourage intellectual curiosity. Every challenge is a growth opportunity.
  • Functionality, Design, and Simplicity:. We create with intelligence, good taste, and practicality. Our products are a testament to these uncompromising pillars.
  • Extreme Ownership of a Tactical Team:. We assume responsibility for our decisions and outcomes, moving with the precision and coordination of an elite unit.
  • Execution and Brutal Honesty:. We act decisively and communicate with a frankness that is the foundation of trust and continuous improvement.
  • Collaboration and Diversity:. We value the richness that diverse thinking brings and promote genuine collaboration.

Our Team

  • Rodrigo Medina

    Managing Director & Fullstack Developer

  • Antonio Correa

    Head of Technology & Fullstack Developer

  • Salman Tariq

    Software Engineer & Fullstack Developer

  • Gino Mosso N.

    Head of Business

  • Malik Tayyab

    Software Engineer & Fullstack Developer

  • Christopher Lovold

    Technical Advisor